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[錢進新世代 36集] 訪問
- 畫家 黎里昂 LeonLollipop 黃心彥 Valerie Wong


Sing-along Storybook

Sing-along Storybook "Giraffe and the Rain" by Actress, Singer and Early childhood educator, Crisel Consunji Artist & Illustrator, LeonLollipop 

"This first collaboration happened because we are two minds that never stop dreaming, and two hearts that never stop sharing … or maybe, just because we are simply two children-at-heart! All we did is put pictures, words and music together. The one who can bring this to life is YOU. See in you in our next adventure!" - Crisel & Leon

叱咤903 [兒童適宜]

訪問 LeonLollipop & Crisel Consunji : Giraffe and the Rain

Chantecaille x LeonLollipop Spring Collection 2020

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